Monday, 1 August 2011


We all make mistakes and we are all in dire need for forgiveness for the sins which we commit day and night. It is out of the mercy of Allaah upon us that He facilitated many ways to attain forgiveness.
We beg Allah to forgive and overlook our misdeeds. Whenever we beg for forgiveness Allah will answer our prayer and He, all praise be to Him, will overlook our evil deeds.

When a person commits a sin, he goes away from Allah. When he repents, he returns to Allah and desires for being pardoned by Him, and getting near Him.
The moment you raise your hands to heavens and say ‘O Lord,’ you become in direct close contact with Allah, you can pray and say whatever you wish, for it will remain between you and your Lord.
“And your Lord says, ‘Call on Me and I shall respond to you’” (Ghâfir, 40: 60)

“Du’a, and seeking of protection from Allah are like weapons, but the sharpness of a weapon is not sufficient for it to cause effect, for the person that handles it also play a role. So whenever the weapon is a perfect one, having no flaw in it, and the forearm is strong, and there are no preventing factors, then it will cause an effect on the enemy…” Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

During this blessed month of Ramadan I will be sharing with you tips on how to make an effective dua. Be on the lookout for the email series “How to make effective dua this Ramadan” coming your way through out this month insha Allah.

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