Once I was conversing with a old muslim man, who told me
that what ever situation you are in, never think of disobeying Allah in the
least bit. Things in life may get very difficult and may also decision making
should be done very cautiously. And he narrated to me a story of a pious girl
who was the paragon of virute and piety. She considered herself answerable to
Allah for every act that she does. Allah blessed her with a pious and righteous

Life went on and she got pregnant and when it was time for
the baby to be delivered, doctors informed that she needed a ceasarean. Her
husband took her to the only hospital in town where there was no female doctor
available and can be only available only after 4 days. There was a male doctor
who could perform if the couple gives permission. The husband  are ready for it, considering the medical
condition of the girl deteriorating and she need an operation early….but the
girl said: By Allah this will never happen…I would rather die than have a male
stranger operate and deliver the baby.

Husband: My self-respect connot brook it either that a male
strangerlooks upon you, but your life is at stake.

Girl: None of us will live forever in this world. If my
death is ordained this way, I welcome it and am happily prepared to embraceit.
Have you heard the saying of the prophet (pbuh) that : If a women dies in the
state of nifas (post natal bleeding), dies a martyr. And prophet (pbuh) also
said: whoever gives up a thing for the sake of Allah Almighty, He gives him/her
something better in return.

Hearing this the husband takes her home. Very soon her
health conditions improved, she delivered the child without an operation. The
coupled thanked Allah and they were very happy.What we understand from this
story is that we must have the will to do things for the sake of Allah. If we
decide it and be steadfast in it, then Allah will do things for you in a
fashion that is much easy for you and he will make you pleased with it. This
only Allah can do, but people place their trust brothers, sisters, mothers,
fathers,friends and relatives. If they have pure intention then Allah will make
way out for them.

Try to read all those three statements in the conversation
of the girl. Her thinking was Allah centred. If this girl had thought my life
is at stake, why don’t I allow a male stranger to operate, Allah will forgive
me as this was an emergency. Then she would have definitely been operated in
that hopsital by a male doctor. She thought about her rights upon her body
first rather than thinking about her life. What she chose was the pleasure of
Allah. She had a strong will in herself that even if I die, I would prefer to
die as a martyr rather than disobeying Allah. If Allah’s pleasure is what we look
for, then without doubt that we have the will and we need to be patientand keep
striving in his path until Allah shows you the way.

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