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The Muslims once head out with the Prophet (peace be upon him) on way to
battle. During the trip the Prophet ordered two companions, one of the Ansaar and
one of the Muhaajireen, to stand guard over them. As they did the Muhaajer
decided to rest while the Ansaari chose to stand in prayer. Along came a nonbeliever
and cast an arrow striking the Ansari in the chest. The Ansari pulled out
the arrow and continued in prayer. The non-believer struck him with a second
arrow. Again the Ansari removed it and continued his prayer. A third arrow was
cast but now the Ansari could no longer stand and finally fell bleeding into his
Rukuu and Sujood. The aggressor fled as the Muhaajer rushed to his brother’s
aid, Why didn’t you alert me from the first arrow??” The Ansari
replied, “I was in the middle of a (beautiful) Sura and didn’t wish to interrupt my
recitation of it.” “Subhanallah!
How did the companions attain that level of inner peace, that level of Khushu.. Allah says in the Glorious Quran in the following verses of Surah Al Muminun : 1,2
Qad 'Aflaĥa Al-Mu'uminūna(Certainly will the believers have succeeded:)
Al-Ladhīna Hum Fī Şalātihim Khāshi`ūna (They who are during their prayer humbly submissive)
The word Khashiuna comes from the word khushu which means calmness, tranquility of the body and attentiveness of the mind during Salaah. So when we offer salaah - duniya jokes, friends, family, job, business etc all things pop up the moment you say “Allahu Akbar” and fold your hands. When you announce “Allahu Akbar”, imagine that you are before the cameras and the red “ON THE AIR” button has now been switched on. There is a veil from between You and Allah being raised up. In His hands is everything you are and everything you will ever be. But it is we who turn away from Allah and move away from him.
The designs on the prayer rug start to tell all sorts of entertaining stories! You try to fight this thought off and refocus. And then suddenly a fly comes upon the rug and then it comes upon you.. and you hear that a child is crying out loud. All these kind of things that you are engaged with during your Salaah spoils your Salaah and negates it to just merely a form of exercise activity. That is not what Allah means when he says : They who are during their prayer humbly submissive.

It was said that when Ali(R.A) washed in preparation for prayer(wudhu), he always went pale
and trembled with anxiety as he thought of himself about to stand before his Lord. How does that sound to us? Imam Bukhari was once stung by a wasp 17 times while standing in prayer. When
he finished, he felt some discomfort and asked if anyone was aware of what caused it and here we are day dreaming while offering salaah, making all sorts of stories looking at the prayer rug.
The way you can improve on your experience while salaah is to understand the meaning of what you are reciting or saying while you are offering salaah. Allahu Akbar, Subhana Rabee al Adheem, Samee’Allahu liman hamida, Subhaana Rabeeal A’la, Attahiyaathu lillaahi…, Allahumma Salli Ala, etc.. Try to read the meanings of the Surah’s that you recite, and when you stand in Salaah, when the Imam Recites the Surah relate it to what you have read.. this makes you busy with the understanding what is being recited during salaah.
Imam not necessarily will recite the surah’s that you know the meaning of, but you can do it for surah’s that you know off.. and if you don’t know what is being recited then pay attention to what is being recited, and fear Him before you bring up any matters associated to this Duniya, fear Him as if you are standing in front of Him and He is watching you. Our relationship with the book of Allah also has to improve to gain the khushu that the sahabas gained.
I was offering Fajr Salaah at Masjid Al Haram and the imam was Shaykh Khalid Al Ghamdi, he was reciting Surah At-Taghabun, he reached this verse where Allah says Yawma Yajma`ukum Liyawmi Al-Jam`i Dhālika Yawmu At-Taghābun..the shaykh started reciting this verse and he stopped at yawm and was crying and he had no control over his cry untill he recited it 6th time to complete the verse. Its because of the words Yawmu At-Taghābun which means  Day of Deprivation.
The complete translation of that verse is: The Day He will assemble you for the Day of Assembly – that is the Day of Deprivation. The Day of Deprivation Especially, non arabs should make it a point to learn Arabic to enjoy the sweetness that is derived from the Salaah. The inner peace that you experience during Salaah when you understand what is being recited. Here is what Allah calls us and questions us in the Quran:
Will they not ponder upon the Quran, or are their hearts locked up. (Surah Muhammad: 24)

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