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WHO SAYS- TIME IS MONEY-------TIME IS HEREAFTER........Waste your time, Suffer in Hereafter.


Henry Wadsworth said in his one of the motivational  works a few lines which are:

Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
And our hearts, though stout and brave,
Still, like muffled drums, are beating
Funeral marches to the grave.

These four lines give us so much to think about how precious our time is

Art is long- Art constitutes many things that we are passionate about or work, study, research and gain more knowledge about. And we often sacrifice many aspects of our life. Be it any field we have specialisations available and deep  analysis and study is available to learn.

Time is fleeting – And the time that we have has no control. Its running out every moment and within a snap of a finger, day changes.

And our hearts, though stout and brave – Our hearts become more enduring and brave.

Still like muffled drums are beating – Heart does not move from its place inside our body, but it is like muffled drums, muffled means to wrap or cover to reduce the noice, our hearts are covered by our rib cage and body at large. And the beating of the heart at the rate of 72 beats per minute is like funeral marches which takes place when a armyman’s body is taken to the graveyard with drums beating on every step that the procession takes.
Doesnt these lines denote that every second passed is taking us closer to the grave by a second..?

Surah Asr is a surah in which Allah swears (oath) by time. The surah shows very clearly and specifies for us a bare minimum that we should be doing or else we will be losers and our end would be unpleasant. Imam Shafi has very rightly said that if the people only considered this Surah well, it alone would suffice them for their guidance. How important this Surah was in the sight of the Companions can be judged from the tradition cited from Hadrat Abdullah bin Hisn ad-Darimi Abu Madinah, according to which whenever any two of them met they would not part company until they had recited Surah Al-Asr to each other. (Tabarani). As for the oath,  Allah has not sworn an oath by any of the created objects on account of its wonderful qualities but for the reason that it adds to the truth which is meant to be understood by us. Therefore, the oath by Time signifies that Time is witness to the truth that man is in sheer loss except for the people who possess the four qualities.

1)Faith, (2) Righteous deeds, (3) exhorting one another to Truth, and (4) exhorting one another to patience.

Let me bring your attention to an examination hall, where the candidates are writing exam. The candidate who would use time wisely would be able to solve all the questions in the question paper. But for candidate who did not concentrate enough to answering thw questions would be in a loss. If we are more consious of the time, and use it wisely then definitely we would not be among the losers. Using time wisely means that setting our priorities right and understanding the purpose behind our creation.

This reminds me of an ayah mentioned in Quran from surah Shu ara ayah 88-89 which says, “The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone except he who will come to Allah with a Qalb-e-Saleem.”

What use would money be when we are in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement……?

What use would wisely used time by obeying Allah and His Messenger be when we are in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement..?

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